What We Do

We are a leading school and office paper stationery products manufacturing, since 1975. We as “GALA PRODUCTS LTD” have been serving our customers with unbeatable Quality assurance and have achieved a successful name in the stationery market. After achieving brand value in the market, we have been satisfying the corporate world through their tailor-made requirements and quality products.

What We Are

Gala Global Products Ltd is An Indian-based Company Engaged In Providing And packaging Solutions. It includes offset printing And All Types of Binding, Photo Polymer printing, offset Plate makers, letter Press printing, And All allied Lines in offset Printing And printing of Packing Materials, Advertisement Materials, Cartoon Printing, And All Allied lines in The printing Process. The Company's only Reportable Segment being The printing of Stationery Items.
Gala Global Products Limited's Annual General Meeting (AGM) Was Last Held On 30 September 2019 And As Per Records From the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Its Balance Sheet Was Last Filed On 31 March 2019.